6 Tips for a Healthy & Balanced Diet at Workplace 

Balanced diet at workplace

We often choose our food based on taste, availability and cost. What we choose to eat is not necessarily what our bodies require. A diet deficient in nutrients can lead to health and weight problems. Therefore, we need to be aware of nutrition and how crucial a balanced diet is for the improvement of our health.  

Food and beverage will provide the energy and nutrients that you need to improve health, manage disease, and reduce the risk of disease. You can find many resources on nutrition to help you pay attention to what, when, how often, why, and how much you eat and drink.  

We all know we should ‘eat a balanced diet and do regular exercise’. But it’s easier said than done when you have nine working hours, less time for a lunch break and a two-hour journey to and from the workplace. We do not need awareness, but we need an action planThis article contains practical advice on how to improve your diet at work including small but meaningful changes in habits and an introduction to ‘mindful eating’. 

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Keep This in Mind for a Healthy & Balanced Diet at Work 

Healthy diet for corporate lifestyle

1) Look for Nutritional Value and Impact  

Like any other thing, maintaining health also needs a Plan. Most of us know what’s healthy and what’s not, but nutrition is more complex than good versus bad. There are also lots of myths about various foods so it is important to learn about the nutritional value and impact of foods and beverages. 

2) Plan Ahead for Healthier Options 

Part of the reason we fall into bad habits is because we don’t plan and build a healthy routine, or we just let our plan be ‘the easiest’ which is usually unhealthy. By building a routine, you’re prepared for meals and choices with healthier options (homemade meal) and most important, you’re making your eating decisions before you get hungry. This might include healthy snacks such as carrot sticks, nuts and seeds on your way to work so you don’t end up buying crisps/potato chips and snacks. 

3) Don’t Skip Meals  

The key to a healthy diet is moderation so do not skip meals, as your glucose level will drop, making it harder to concentrate. If you skip meals, then you are more likely to overeat which may result in increased risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol. Having breakfast in the mornings can encourage your body to burn more calories throughout the day and help the primary ‘stress hormone’ levels which are usually high in the mornings. 

4) Stay Hydrated  

Dehydration at work can lead to poor productivity. It is important to stay hydrated but you should try to do so by drinking water and not sugary or caffeinated drinks as they can have side-affects such as dehydration, High blood sugar and sleep disruption. 

5) Smart Lunching  

Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that stimulate the production of dopamine and improve memory. 

6) Sensible Snacking  

While many people try to cut out snacking, grazing on the right things can help maintain energy levels throughout the day. Hunger can be a distraction at work and most of us fall prey to junk food with salty, sugary, fatty badness. But what’s a good snack for work?  You can try some of the high-protein snacks such as hard-boiled eggs, yoghurt, cheese (non-processed). 

It’s difficult to be 100% committed to a healthy diet all the time. But by paying attention to what we’re eating and when, we can allow ourselves to relax and have the occasional treat. Mindful eating means being fully attentive to what you buy, prepare, serve, and consume.  

Poor nutrition doesn’t just impact our health, it can affect our performance at work by negatively impacting concentration and energy levels, and cause irritability, frustration and impatience. A study shows that corporate wellness programs lead to increased productivity at work. So, we recommend you to enroll for a corporate wellness program with Health Atmos. If you want to know more about Employee Health Checkup package, please fill in the form and our executive will help you with an exclusive plan for your organization. Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!