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Ensuring Safety at All Times in the Aviation Industry 

Regular screening can reassure passengers of their safety, supporting the airline’s reputation and trustworthiness in today’s competitive aviation industry. 

  • Health Atmos has a team of fully trained sample collectors in your area, ready to collect your drug and/or alcohol samples from your place of work or any safe environment.  
  • Health Atmos designs aviation drug and alcohol testing to conform with your industry’s standards. Whether you have a team of Class 1 or Class 2 category, a pilot, a cabin crew member or an air traffic controller, all are subject to Drug and Alcohol Testing. 
  • 5 Panel Drug Screening Test

  • 10 Panel Drug Screening Test

Health Atmos offers a customizable in-built CRM capable of scheduling tests, payment gateway and report submissions so that you can track and manage staff health at a click of a button.

“Aviation drug testing can reassure passengers of their safety, and support the Airline’s reputation.”

Why is Drug and Alcohol Testing Important in Aviation Industry? 

The Air Navigation Order 2000, which was established under the Civil Aviation Act (1982) states that “It is an offence for a crew member of an aircraft, an air traffic controller, or a license maintenance engineer to be under the influence of drink or drugs so as to impair his capacity to carry out his aviation-related functions.  

Additionally, the Civil Aviation Publication 19 prohibits the following actions:  

  • Reporting to work while under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol level exceeding 0.02%. 
  • Consumption of alcohol within 8 hours prior to the designated reporting time at the workplace. 
  • Reporting to work in any safety-critical area while under the influence of any prescription or non-prescription medication or drug, unless the individual is entirely certain that the medication or treatment will not negatively affect their ability to perform their duties safely. 

The purpose of drug and alcohol testing policies is that the crew members ensure the safety and effectiveness of aviation operations. 

How can Drug Testing Support your Airlines?  

Implementing aviation drug and alcohol testing ensures the wellbeing of pilots, flight crew and air traffic controllers and it reassures the passengers of their safety.  

Health Atmos drug and alcohol testing services aligns with aviation regulations, ensuring you meet safety standards without the hassle of managing the testing process internally.  

Airlines can ensure passengers safety with a tailored aviation drug and alcohol testing.

Drug and alcohol testing is required for the following: 

  • Pilots 
  • Flight Navigators 
  • Flight Engineers 
  • Flight Radio-Telephony Operators 
  • Cabin Crew 
  • Trainers and Supervisors (Anyone attending the flight deck during flight for training, tests, observation, or recording experience) 
  • Air Traffic Controllers 
  • Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers 
  • Ground crews  

When is Drug Testing done for Aviation Crew?  

Drug testing for aviation crew is taken at different stages:  

  1. Pre-Employment: Aviation crew members are often required to undergo drug testing as part of their pre-employment screening process. This is to ensure that they meet the required standards of safety and reliability before being hired. 
  1. Random Testing: Once employed, aviation crew members may be subject to random drug testing at any time. This helps to deter substance abuse and ensures ongoing compliance with safety regulations. 
  1. Post-Incident: Drug testing may be conducted after any aviation incident or accident to determine if drugs or alcohol were a contributing factor. 
  1. Reasonable Suspicion: If there is reasonable suspicion that a crew member may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty, they may be required to undergo testing. 
  1. Periodic or Routine Testing: Some aviation authorities or employers may require periodic or routine drug testing as part of their safety protocols.

Follow these 3 easy steps for Employee Drug Screening:

Collect Samples 
A Phlebotomist visits the candidate to draw samples for drug screening and to determine the existence of a detectable drug.

Initiate Drug Screening and Confirmation
In case a candidate is tested positive, a healthcare provider further reviews the drug report to confirm the diagnosis.

Review Results
Make smarter hiring decisions with the drug screening report.

What are the Types of Drug Testing for Aviation Industry?

Health Atmos offers employers two unique types of Drug tests which uncovers the presence of major controlled substances.

Drug Panels Panel 5 Panel 10
THC or Cannabinoids
Basic Opiates
Amphetamines (Including Methamphetamine)
PCP (Phencyclidine)
Methaqualone (Quaaludes)
Expanded Opiates
Marijuana (THC)
Morphine ( MOP)
Opiates(Hydrocodone, Oxycodone)

In the event of a positive result, all samples are then sent to our retained laboratory for final analysis and confirmation.

Why is Health Atmos Unique?

Smooth Onboarding   

Safe and Secure

No Hidden Costs

Remote Testings

Customized Solutions

Our mission is to provide quick & quality Medical Examination for Aviation Crew and Employee Drug Screening that are affordable & cost-effective. If you want to know more about Drug screening for shipping industry, you can fill this form or send us an email at su*****@he*********.com or call us at +919819080018 or whatsapp us for more details. 

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