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What is Occupational Health Checkup for Factory Workers?  

Health packages for factory workers are designed for manufacturing sectors that produce different products. All manufacturing factories have machinery & objects that are harmful to individuals when exposed for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is important to screen all workers for occupational health hazards at regular intervals. Some hazards are common for all industries like hazardous substances, physically demanding work, dust, machinery-related accidents, heat and cold, etc. 

The best way to avoid any accident is to have preventive & safety processes in place & get an individual’s health check done at regular intervals. In many states, including Maharashtra, it is mandatory to get an employee health check-up done as per the Factories Act, 1948 and the Maharashtra Factories Rules, 1963. As per the Factories Act, a health check-up is done after inspecting the manufacturing process by a qualified medical practitioner who will then prescribe tests as per the Factory Act to be performed at factory premises. 

Why is Health Check-up for Factory and Industrial Workers Necessary?    

As per the Factory Act 1948, it is compulsory to conduct an Annual Health Check-up for contract and permanent employees of the Factory and Industrial Workers. These health check-ups can help to ensure occupational safety and the health of factory workers.  

Health Atmos caters to all types of companies and factories. We provide exclusive benefits through our Health packages for factory workers. 

What are the Advantages of Health Packages for Factory Workers? 

  • Health check-ups prove that the organization values their employees 
  • Employee’s productivity & performance increase. 
  • Employees remain active and sick leaves will be reduced. 
  • Health packages for factory workers help to retain the best employees. 
  • Employees work hard and remain loyal to the organization.  
  • Employees can end the financial year on a healthy note and Save Tax, because a taxpayer will get a tax benefit of up to Rs. 5000 under section 80D (IT Act) on a preventive health check-up. 
  • Pre-Employment Health Check-up

  • Annual Health Check-up

  • Employee Drug Screening

  • Customized Health Checkup Packages

Health Atmos offers a Customizable in-built CRM capable of scheduling tests, payment gateway and report submissions so that you can track and manage staff health at a click of a button.

“Tax benefit of up to Rs. 5000 under section 80D (IT Act) on a preventive health check-up”

What are the Different Types of Wellness Program? 

The health checkup for Factory Workers may vary as per the job profile of an employee or the nature of the manufacturing process. Healthy employees have higher productivity levels and are better at managing work-life balance. Whereas, unhealthy employees are sure to make errors that will impact the organizational growth. 

Pre-employment health check-up helps the organization to understand the health status and well-being of the new candidate. Pre-employment check-ups ensure that the selected candidates are medically fit for the job.   

As per The Factories Act, 1948 a pre-employment medical examination is done by a qualified medical practitioner to ascertain and certify fitness to work in a factory. The certificate of fitness is only valid for twelve months from the date of issue. 

Annual health Check-ups help us to know the underlying cause and reason for the low work productivity and give the employee & the organization a chance to improve on it, preventing further harm to one’s self and the company. 

Employee Drug Screening helps the organization to identify the use of drugs early on by employees and to maintain a safe and secure work environment free of toxicity.

Customized Health checkup packages allow you to choose a package depending on the number of employees which would suit your organization’s needs. Every organization has different needs and working environments for their employees; hence a pre-designed health package may not be suitable.  

Health Atmos is providing quick & quality Employee Drug screening that are affordable & cost-effective.

What are the Health Checkups required for Workers Engaged in Hazardous Occupations?  

A factory engaged in hazardous processes should get its workers medically examined by a qualified medical practitioner. Workers employed in a “hazardous process” are medically examined by a Factory Medical Officer before employment and thereafter at periodical intervals. 

If the medical findings reveal that the worker has manifested signs and symptoms of any notifiable disease (as specified in the Third Schedule of the Factories Act), then the examined worker could be taken away from the process for health protection. However, the worker taken away may be employed again in the same process after obtaining the Fitness Certificate from the qualified medical practitioner as per the Factory Act along with form 7.   

What are the Health Checkups required as per the Factories Act?  

  • Complete Physical Examination
  • Blood Group, Rh factor  
  • Blood CBC, ESR, RBS 
  • Urine Test (Routine & Microscopic) 
  • Creatinine 
  • Electrocardiogram (Computerized ECG) 
  • Chest X-Ray (Standard Size) 
  • Lung Function Test 
  • Vision Test (Screening) 
  • Audiometric Test 
  • HIV & HBS Tests 

The Common Hazards in Manufacturing Sector/Factory Premise:

Common Hazards Test Suggested

Noise - Many factories have too much noise at work resulting in hearing damage or permanent noise/hearing impairment.

Audio sensitivity test/ Audiometry test 

Dust – Dust consists of all types of particles that are easily carried in the air. Many types of dust in factories are harmful to health if proper measures are not taken.

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT), Liver Function tests, PFT, TSH & Eye test.

Temperature - Working at high temperatures or with hot products may lead to health damage.

Skin Examination along with ECG.

These are some of the indicative hazards and employers must make sure that all the health & safety processes are in place. Employers should identify the risk areas & map the health programs to reduce the risk of diseases in employees with proactive measures. Employers should choose your health service provider with quality in mind over compliance. 

What are the Benefits of our CRM?   

CRM Benefits for HR/Employers: 

The human resource department has an important task to perform, which includes Pre-employment health check-ups and periodic health check-ups for employees, following up on Hospitals, Diagnostic centers and checking if all tests are performed & making sure your organization gets the reports on time. Our mission is to provide quick & quality Pre-Employment Health and Periodic check-up services that are affordable & cost-effective. 

  • No need for follow-ups through Phone calls or emails! A simple dashboard to manage all health checks online. 
  • Facility to track the candidate’s appointment schedule for the health check. 
  • Facility to track the status of the progress of the candidate’s health check. 
  • Cut down on absenteeism 

CRM Benefits for Employees: 

  • Facility for online appointment management. 
  • A pan India network of health centres will cater to your organization’s needs as per the location. 
  • Manage your health record online. 
  • Detect diseases early and save expenses on emergency surgeries and hospitalization. 

Why Choose Health Atmos? 

Health Atmos is trusted by top brands for B2B healthcare, also catering to B2C with a Pan India network of labs and hospitals. We also have tie-ups with Factory surgeons who are approved by the Director of Factories to provide such health check-ups.  

If you are an industrial organization looking for health check-ups as per Factories Act for your employees, then please get in touch with Health Atmos. We provide comprehensive Health Check-ups for Manufacturing Industries as per the Factories Act of India.   

To know more about Health Atmos health check-up packages, queries and suggestions, fill in the query form and we will get back to you at the earliest. 

4 easy steps to book a health check-up through our CRM:

  • Simple booking process

    Just give us a call and our personnel will assist you in customizing a package that will suit your employees’ needs.

  • Get a customized package as per your requirement

    Packages can be designed depending upon the age group of employees and the ratio of men vs women.

  • Schedule health check for employees

    Facility to schedule tests, payment gateway and report submissions.

  • Track and manage staff health at a click of a button

    Manage staff health records and cut down on absenteeism.

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