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5 Steps to know about VISA Medical Checkup, The United Kingdom: 

The UK visa medical is one of the most important steps in the process of applying for a visa to The United Kingdom. 

Step 1 – How to book an appointment for The UK Medical Check-up?   

Applicants are requested to make mandatory prior appointments with Health Atmos for the medical examination. You can Call/WhatsApp us at +91 9819080018 for medical checks for The UK visa. 

Step 2 – What documents to carry for The UK Visa Medical Test?  

  • Original passport 
  • 1 photocopy of the bio-data page of the passport 
  • 3 Passport size photos  
  • Medical Checkup for Student Visa

  • Visa Immigration Health Check up

  • Medical Checkup for Visa

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Step 3 – What additional information to keep in mind for The UK Visa Medical Test?  

  • Please bring the photocopy of old medical reports / old X rays related to TB treatment if any. 
  • Pregnant applicants have the option to undergo chest x ray with a protective gear (a double lead shield covering the abdomen) or can defer medical exam until post-delivery. Applicants have to check with their gynaecologist before coming for the medicals regarding the above. If pregnant and not willing for X ray the only option will be sputum/phlegm test, to be done for 3 days. The sputum test reports will be ready in 8 weeks (about 2 months) and the certificate will be issued after that, if normal. 
  • Food – no restrictions.  

Step 4 – What kind of tests will be done for The UK Medical?  

  • Age – 0 to 11 years– only physical examination and chest X ray if needed. 
  • 11 years and above – Chest X ray.  

* The duration of the medical checkup will be 1 to 2 hours on the day of the appointment. 

Step 5 – How do I get my reports for Medical Checks for The UK visa?   

The TB screening certificate will be issued directly to the applicant. 

What are the Payment Details for The UK Medical? 

  • All fees must be paid by the applicant by cash / Credit card. 
  • If any further tests regarding TB investigations are advised by the panel physician, the applicant has to bear the cost. 
  • The cost for the additional tests will be as per the current hospital tariff. 

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