4 things to know about IATA Travel Pass

About IATA Travel Pass


“Can you think of a travel pass that gives you a record of all the countries you have travelled to in the past?”

Health Atmos is proud to be in association with IATA Travel Pass for servicing PCR tests for travellers globally! 

What is IATA Travel Pass? 

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread across the world, the governments have imposed additional restrictions: quarantine measures, testing requirements and vaccination requirements. IATA Travel Pass is a tool for travellers that communicates with governments, airlines, and Covid test centres to get verified information safely and securely.  

“Just as a bank passbook gives record of all online and ATM transactions and the branch/city it was used in; this Travel Pass gives record of all countries visited.” 

How does IATA Travel Pass work? 

IATA Travel Pass is a mobile application, where you can create a digital passport and upload your proof of vaccination. You can also use it to store and link your Covid-19 test certificates with flight bookings. Further, when you type the flight details of the country you are planning to travel to, it will let you know the Covid test requirements of that specific destination.  

This can be beneficial for the traveller because there are some places where the Covid test is exempted if you are fully vaccinated. This Travel Pass will also assist you with the labs you can get your Covid test done.  

Your Covid testing requirements may also differ if you have visited a certain country in the past. But this Travel Pass will help you to track the travel details so that you don’t have to remember the countries you have travelled to in the past.  

What are the Benefits of the IATA Travel pass? 

This Pass can be very handy for Business Travelers. 

  • It helps travellers to securely store and manage Covid-19 tests certificates and vaccination certificates. 
  • It helps to find updated information on travel policies, covid testing and vaccine requirements for your travel. 
  • It helps to identify Covid testing centres and labs at the departure locations.  
  • It helps to locate authorized labs and test centres to securely share test and vaccination certificates.   
  • It helps to verify that they are sufficient for their itinerary, and share testing or vaccination certificates with airlines and authorities to facilitate travel.  
  • It is free for all passengers to download and use. 

How do I know that my details are confidential? 

The IATA Travel Pass does not store any data centrally and no data will go to an airline or a government authority without your authorization. It only links entities that need verification with the test or vaccination data when travellers permit and you are in control of your data privacy. 

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