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5 Steps to know about VISA Medical Checkup, Canada  

Canada Visa Medical Check-ups are mandatory for Visas, such as Student, Worker, Visitor and Immigration.   

Step 1 – How to book an appointment for Canada Medical Check-up?  

Applicants are requested to make mandatory prior appointments with Health Atmos for the medical examination. You can Call/WhatsApp us at +91 9819080018 for medical checks for Canada visa. 

Step 2 – What documents to carry for the Canada Visa Medical Test?  

  • Original Passport / National Id with photo (Aadhar card, pan card or voter id) along with 1 photocopy – Driving license not acceptable. 
  • 1 photocopy of the bio-data page of the passport. 
  • 3 recent passport size photos and a letter from the embassy (If any)  
  • Medical Checkup for Student Visa

  • Visa Immigration Health Check up

  • Medical Checkup for Visa

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Step 3 – What additional information to keep in mind for the Canada Visa Medical Test?  

  • Please bring the photocopy of old medical reports / medicines / prescription / Vaccination records (if any) / Glasses (If worn). 
  • Female applicants should not attend the medicals during the menstrual cycle. 
  • Pregnant applicants have the option to undergo chest x ray with a protective gear (a double lead shield covering the abdomen) or can defer medical exam until post-delivery. 
  • Applicants have to check with their gynaecologist before coming for the medicals regarding the above. 
  • Food – no restrictions.  

Step 4 – What kind of tests will be done for Canada Medical?  

  • 0 to below 5 – Physical examination only 
  • 5 to below 11 yrs – Physical examination+ urine test 
  • 11 to below 15: Physical examination+ urine test + X ray chest
  • 15 and above: Physical examination+ urine test + X ray chest + blood tests  

* The duration of the medical checkup will be 2 to 4 hours on the day of appointment. If any additional consult/tests are required, the duration may be prolonged.  

Step 5 – How do I get my reports for Medical Checks for Canada visa?   

Reports will be uploaded online in eMedicals system in 2 to 5 working days, or the reports will be sent to the visa office. 

What are the Payment Details for Canada Medical? 

  • All fees must be paid by the applicant by Cash / Credit card.
  • If any other further tests are advised by the panel physician, the applicant must bear the cost. The cost of additional test will be as per the current hospital tariff. 

Useful and Important Links: 

*Please visit the Government of Canada website for health requirement for visa applicants. 

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