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Customized Health Packages for Hotels and Chain Restaurants

A food handler is a person involved in food production, food processing, food packaging, and serving food including water and beverages. The term “food handler” can apply to chefs, stewards/waiters, cleaners and food quality supervisors. Therefore, food handlers are required to receive food safety training & proper health screening. Food Business Operators like caterers, chain restaurants, hotels, cafes, cafeterias in schools and offices must ensure that food is cooked and served as per the regulations, so some have opted for customized health packages. Besides maintaining the cleanliness of the premises and the use of quality ingredients, it is also important to ensure the hygiene and health of the food handlers.

What are the FSSAI Guidelines for Hotels and Chain Restaurants? 

It is essential to obtain an FSSAI license to commence business in the food industry for any Food Business Operator. There are certain guidelines mentioned in the FSSAI Act 2006 so that the food business operators maintain food safety and personal hygiene. FSSAI Guidelines for food handlers have been made keeping the safety of the staff and consumer in mind. In case of violation of Non-Compliance with FSSAI Guidelines, the License is liable to be suspended or cancelled.

What must a Food Handler Avoid?

  • You must not smoke or chew tobacco in the food handling areas
  • You must not chew betel nut or gum in the food handling areas
  • You must not touch your mouth, nose, eyes while preparing and handling food.
  • You must not Spit, cough, sneeze in the food service area.
  • You must not handle food and money at the same time.
  • You must not use contaminated equipment
  • You must not cook at Improper temperatures
  • You must not prepare or sell food in an area that is prone to pollution.

What Customized Health Packages should be included for Hotels and Chain Restaurants?

 The following are the requirement for medical examinations:

  • Health Checkup for Food and Beverage Staffs

  • Health Checkup for Food Production Staffs

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History & General Physical Examination

  1. Surgical Check-up
  2. Medical Check-up – BMI, BP
  3. Dermatological (Skin Check-up)
  4. Vision (Eye) Far, Near & Colour

Pathological Test Examination

  1. Complete Blood Cell Count
  2. Blood Group with Rh Factor
  3. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
  4. Random Blood Sugar
  5. Urine Routine
  6. Blood Test SGPT for Liver Function Tests to rule out jaundice
  7. Blood Test Widal to rule out typhoid
  8. Serum Creatinine Test – To assess kidney functions

Other Medical Tests 

  1. C.G. (for Above 40 yrs.)
  2. Height & Weight
  3. Pulmonary Function Test
  4. Audiometry

Vaccination requirement:

According to FSSAI rules, vaccination must be given to cover infectious & communicable diseases; therefore the following are required to be given to every worker.

  1. Typhoid – Once every year
  2. TT – Once every 6 months
  3. Hepatitis B – Set of 3 injections at an interval of 0, 1, 6 months every 3 years

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What are the Safety Precautionary measures to be taken by the Food Industry Staff?

  • Wash, clean and dry your hands before handling food.
  • Wear gloves and aprons to avoid the risk of food contamination.
  • Maintain proper personal hygiene (which involves nails, teeth & gums, ears & eyes)
  • Avoid loose hair & sweat from coming in contact with food.
  • Food handlers must report to their manager if they suffer from Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Nausea, Jaundice, Fever, Sneezing, Cough & Cold

Why Choose Health Atmos?

Health Atmos provides food business operators with health screening packages to identify the underlying problems and diseases early and educate your employees to avoid contamination when working. We offer packages for the different occupational platforms as per the need and requirements of the organization that suits the routine pattern of your employees. Health Atmos has been formed by leaders of Healthcare and we have a tie-up with Pan India labs and hospitals.

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