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Why is Drug Screening Important for Maritime Shipping?

Drug screening is crucial for maritime shipping for several reasons. Firstly, the maritime industry involves operating large vessels and handling complex machinery, where any impairment due to substance abuse can pose significant safety risks to crew members, passengers, and the environment. By conducting drug testing, maritime companies can ensure that their employees are fit for duty and capable of performing their responsibilities effectively.

Moreover, drug screening is essential for maintaining compliance with international maritime regulations, such as the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) guidelines on drug and alcohol testing for seafarers. Adhering to these regulations not only helps prevent accidents and incidents at sea but also protects the reputation and credibility of the shipping company. Overall, drug screening in maritime shipping plays a vital role in promoting safety, security, and regulatory compliance within the industry.

*Health Atmos offers seven types of Drug tests (Panel 5, Panel 6, Panel 7, Panel 8, Panel 9, Panel 10 and Panel 12) which uncovers the presence of major controlled substances.

  • 5 Panel Drug Screening Test

  • 10 Panel Drug Screening Test

Health Atmos offers a customizable in-built CRM capable of scheduling tests, payment gateway and report submissions so that you can track and manage staff health at a click of a button.

How do we help in Shipping Crew Drug & Alcohol Testing?

Health Atmos now offers a comprehensive service relating to all aspects of crew drug and alcohol testing on-board vessels.

  • Health Atmos offers 5-panel and 10-panel drug screens within the parameters of applicable state and federal laws for non-regulated employment drug testing, including pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing, post-accident drug testing, and reasonable suspicion drug testing.
  • The latest FDA-approved automated and instrumented technology are used to ensure objective test results are delivered quickly and securely.
  • Drug testing can use any of four sample types: Urine testing (UDT), Blood testing, Saliva testing, and Hair follicle drug testing*.

*Not every service offered is appropriate for employers in every state. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your legal or human resources advisors to determine which services are appropriate for your specific circumstances.

Follow these 3 easy steps for Employee Drug Screening:

Collect Samples 
A Phlebotomist visits the candidate to draw samples for drug screening and to determine the existence of a detectable drug.

Initiate Drug Screening and Confirmation
In case a candidate is tested positive, a healthcare provider further reviews the drug report to confirm the diagnosis.

Review Results
Make smarter hiring decisions with the drug screening report.

What are the Types of Drug Tests for Shipping Industry?

Health Atmos offers employers two unique types of Drug tests which uncovers the presence of major controlled substances.

Drug Panels Panel 5 Panel 10
THC or Cannabinoids
Basic Opiates
Amphetamines (Including Methamphetamine)
PCP (Phencyclidine)
Methaqualone (Quaaludes)
Expanded Opiates
Marijuana (THC)
Morphine ( MOP)
Opiates(Hydrocodone, Oxycodone)

The testing will also identify prescription drugs, but as part of the before and during testing protocols, we would ascertain with the crew member if they were using any prescription drugs and if yes this would be duly noted.

Prior to testing each crew member would be asked to read our notes-before-testing sheet and would be asked to sign our consent-for-testing form.

In the event of a positive result, all samples are then sent to our retained laboratory for final analysis and confirmation.

Why is Health Atmos Unique?

Smooth Onboarding   

Safe and Secure

No Hidden Costs

Remote Testings

Customized Solutions

Our mission is to provide quick & quality Medicals for Maritime Shipping Industry and Employee Drug Screening that are affordable & cost-effective. If you want to know more about Drug screening for shipping industry, you can fill this form or send us an email at su*****@he*********.com or call us at +919819080018 or whatsapp us for more details. 

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