Employee Health Screening for Corporates

Employee Health Screening for Corporates

What is Employee Health Screening?  

Employee health screening consists of performing various health checks to ensure that each employee is healthy enough to enter your workplace. This is a key to protecting the safety of all, including visitors, and limiting the transmission of illnesses in the office.   

Regular checkpoint screenings can create a Covid-friendly, safe workplace and also help employees to feel psychologically safe. In this article, we will discover what health screenings consist of, its benefits, and how your company can get started. 

Why should your organization provide Employee Health Screenings? 

Health checks are valuable to both the organization and employees, providing tangible evidence that your organization genuinely cares about employees’ wellbeing while also ensuring a healthy and productive workplace. 

As the old saying goes: “Health is Wealth”. Keeping your employees healthy will help them to do their jobs more effectively. You can also maintain a safe workplace by protecting your employees with health screening measures.  

  • Employee Health Screening

  • Annual Health Check Up

  • Occupational Health Checkup

  • Periodic Health Check up

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What are the Benefits of Employee Health Screening for Businesses? 

  • Employee Health Screening proves that the organization values their employees.
  • Employees’ productivity & performance increase.
  • Employees will remain active and sick leaves will be reduced.
  • Employee Health Screening helps to retain the best employees.
  • Employees work hard and remain loyal to the organization 

1) Employee Management and Pre-Screening  

The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies key risk factors that can be addressed with health screening tests. These risk factors include drinking alcohol, smoking, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, obesity, lack of exercise and poor nutrition. Therefore, some tests available for a standard employee health screening may include:  

  • ECG 
  • Kidney test 
  • Thyroid test 
  • Diabetes profile 
  • Cholesterol level 
  • Bio-physical measurements and vitals 
  • CBC 
  • Urine test 

There are several approaches to conduct employee health checks, namely virtual assessments, individual appointments, or pop-up clinics. Employers can choose the best option for their staff based on several factors, including the cost implications, size of the organization, the pattern of work, and type of business. 

*The company size, location, employee comfort levels, workplace strategy, facility restrictions are to be considered while customizing employee health screening packages.  

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2) Back To Office Checkup for Employees after Medical leave

A “Back to Office” (BTO) checkup for employees after medical leave is a process that ensures a smooth transition for employees returning to work after a prolonged absence due to illness or injury. The checkup typically includes:

1. Medical clearance: Confirmation from a healthcare provider that the employee is fit to return to work.

2. Health assessment: Evaluation of the employee’s physical and mental well-being to identify any ongoing health needs.

3. Functional capacity evaluation: Assessment of the employee’s ability to perform job duties and identify any accommodations needed.

4. Review of work modifications: Discussion of any temporary or permanent modifications to the employee’s job duties or work environment.

5. Support and resources: Identification of support and resources needed to ensure a successful return to work.

Many companies include pre-employment screening in their health Screening packages to appoint the right candidates as per the required profile. Organizations prefer to get customized executive health checkup packages or corporate wellness programs, which are beneficial in the longer run. You just need to make a smart choice with a reliable option. If you want to know more about customized Employee Health Screening programs, fill in the form and our executive will help you with an exclusive plan for your organization. Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!