5 Tips to Increase Performance at Workplace 

5 Tips to Increase Performance at Workplace

How to Increase Performance at workplace?

The secret to optimizing productivity and boosting performance at workplace is to have a motivated team. One way to encourage employees is to commend them when they have done a good job or received a good comment from clients/customers. Instead of saying “Good Job” you can specifically commend them for what they said and did. This will make employees feel that their work is being noticed. A word of appreciation may encourage them to do their best at work. You can commend them whenever you get an opportunity and do not wait to commend them only at office meetings. It is hard to be observative in today’s busy world, but it is worth the effort.  

Below are 5 tips that will help you to increase performance at workplace: 

1. Do it regularly:

Ensure a team meeting at the start of the week and evaluate the performance of the previous week and set new tasks for the upcoming week. 

  • Employee Health Screening

  • Annual Health Check Up

  • Occupational Health Checkup

  • Periodic Health Check up

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2. Commend the results:

One of the reasons why people spend more time on social media is because they can see results in form of views they get. So when employers evaluate and commend the results of the work done and not just the quantity of work; it can make a big difference.

3. Reward good ideas:

Instead of just announcing “Employee of the month”, you can mention “Idea of the month” based on what efforts were made on their side. By doing so your employees will focus on what was done and not on who has done it. After all, we do not want to stir a competitive spirit in the workplace but we want other employees to be encouraged to do their best at work.

4. Make them feel valued:

It can be easy for employers to announce that the best performing team would be taken to the resort. No doubt they would have a nice time but in the end they would not feel valued. Appreciation can make your employees feel that their work is valued. It is not that if you appreciate your employees then they will complete their assignment, but they will complete their assignment with joy. After all, an employee’s loyalty cannot be bought but when you make them feel valued you can retain the best performing employees.

5. Effectively Resolve Workplace Conflicts:

When employees need correction, it has to be done in a private setting and not in the presence of their colleagues. Otherwise, their attention would not be on “what was said” but “in front of whom it was said”.

*Minor offense could be penalized in the form of treat for everyone in the team. At least they would remember why they ended up by giving a treat to the team and would ensure they would not repeat. This trick works well! 

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