6 Ways to Reduce Presenteeism at your Workplace

how to reduce stress and improve productivity

How to Reduce Presenteeism at your Workplace?

Presenteeism involves employees coming to work while being sick or being present at the workplace because of job insecurity. Presenteeism is a rising issue in the workplace, and also a huge threat to productivity. Employees that show up to work when they’re not feeling mentally or physically their best will not be able to perform their best either. 

What are the Causes of Presenteeism? 

The Causes of presenteeism could be: 

  • Lack of focus  
  • Health issues  
  • Workplace stress 
  • Little or no paid sick days 
  • Understaffing and time pressures 
  • Large workloads 
  • Job insecurity 
  • Employee Health Screening

  • Annual Health Check Up

  • Occupational Health Checkup

  • Periodic Health Check up

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What are the Signs of Presenteeism? 

  • Decreased outcome – When employees are present at work but they do not give any output then it is a sign of presenteeism.   
  • Increasing number of mistakes – employees are physically present at work but are mentally absent. 
  • Health issues – In case employees are battling through illnesses, injuries or any other struggles during work time, they’ll likely find it difficult to focus on their work. 

How to Reduce Presenteeism at the workplace? 

1. Offer a Wellness Programme

Ensuring that employees’ health and well-being is taken care of means more than just providing insurance coverage. You can include a wellness programme which involves a variety of services that cover emotional, financial and physical wellbeing. 

2. Offer Mental Wellbeing Resources 

From stress-busting guides or mental health support in the form of blogs, podcasts or videos, you can provide a wide range of helpful content that will help your employees to cope with any mental health struggles that they may have. 

3. Offer Employee Healthcare Services

For employees that require medical support, healthcare services with Health Atmos will give them access to wider services. From doctor consultation to treatment planning or wellness programs; these kinds of services will be valuable for employees that have medical concerns or are suffering from injuries or illnesses. 

4. Introduce Flexible Working Hours

This is a great way to reduce presenteeism because it gives your employees the option to modify their working regime. Whether it’s working from home or shifting their hours around, your employees will optimize their productivity while reducing stress/supporting their health.   

5. Encourage Fixed Working Hours

Long working hours increase the grounds for presenteeism. Your employees will be relieved to introduce a healthy working policy whereby everyone has to be out of the office by a specific time. Accountability to working hours will make employees more efficient when they are in the office and reduce presenteeism. Make sure to applaud their contributions and encourage others to follow suit. 

6. Encourage Physical Activity

The best way to ensure employees are getting physical activity is to make it accessible for them. Encouraging weekly fitness breaks, lunchtime walks, or offering discounts for gym memberships will inspire employees to be physically active. After all, employees who are physically active are happier and more productive at work. 

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