Occupational Health Checkup

What is Occupational Health Check up? 

An Occupational Health Assessment depends on many factors that relate to an employee’s job. 

  • This involves a basic health screening required by the employer 
  • It offers employees a broad analysis of their health status 
  • This is used to identify a major illness and reduce work-related injuries at the workplace
  • These programs educate employees about their lifestyle and dietary adjustments
  • An occupational health checkup is required before starting a new role or returning to work after an extended period off
  • This can also determine if an employee is medically fit for a particular role 

Many organizations have started taking initiatives for corporate wellness programs, annual health checkup packages or occupational health checkup packages for their employees. This article will help you to understand the benefits of occupational health checkups and what is involved during the assessment. 

  • Employee Health Screening

  • Annual Health Check Up

  • Occupational Health Checkup

  • Periodic Health Check up

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What are the Advantages of Occupational Health Check up? 

An occupational health checkup will enhance physical as well as mental health among the employees.  

  • This health checkup reduces the overall rate of absenteeism and improve participation of employees to a great extent. 
  • This health checkup form a baseline to maintain a health record status of employees.  
  • The health record status can be used to offer treatment or to analyze, compare the future health trends of the employee to the present one.  
  • When a company takes an active interest in their employee’s fitness and health condition, the employees appreciate it and prefer working with such companies for a longer time period. 
  • Medical treatment is becoming more expensive day-by-day. Preventive occupational health screening helps identify most ailments at an early stage. Therefore, timely, accurate treatment can be planned. 

What to expect during Occupational Health Check up?  

An initial conversation with a consultant takes about 45 minutes. They will ask about any pre-existing conditions and treatment that they might be receiving. As well as any difficulties arising from the work being undertaken and any activities outside of work that they’re involved with. Following the assessment, the health professional will send a work fitness certificate. This will provide details of the employee’s ability to work and proposals for any job modifications or adjustments to support them. 

What are the Health Risk Indicators?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified eight factors as health risks. During the initial consultation, the specialist may inquire about some of the following: 

  1. Smoking 
  2. Drinking 
  3. Obesity 
  4. Poor diet. 
  5. Lack of exercise. 
  6. High cholesterol. 
  7. High blood glucose. 
  8. High blood pressure. 

The Benefits of Occupational Health Screening – Employers  

  • Reduced absenteeism. 
  • Increased staff retention, engagement, and productivity. 
  • Improved teamwork. 
  • Increased job satisfaction. 

The Benefits of Occupational Health Screening – Employees 

  • Reduced health risks 
  • Improved performance 
  • A better understanding of mental health 
  • Access to physical and mental health information 
  • Helps overcome or manage existing health problems 
  • Evaluate previous unidentified issues 
  • Lifestyle advice (smoking, drinking, obesity, etc.) to enhance long-term benefits 

An occupational medical health checkup usually involves a basic health screening of the employees’ health status. If an employee is identified with a major illness, these programs will educate them about lifestyle and dietary adjustments.  

Many companies also include Pre Employment Health Screening in their Employee Wellness Programs in order to appoint the right candidates. Organizations prefer to get customized Preventive Health Checkup or corporate wellness programs, which are beneficial in the longer run. You only need to make a smart choice with a reliable option. If you want to know more about customized occupational health check up, fill in the form and our executive will help you with an exclusive plan for your organization’s specific requirement at the earliest.