Employee Drug Screening

employee drug screening

Employee Drug Screening for a Safe and Secure Workplace Employee drug screening refers to the process of testing individuals for the presence of drugs or alcohol in their system. This screening is practiced by employers across various industries to ensure workplace safety, productivity, and regulatory compliance. Health Atmos offers 5-panel,6-panel,7-panel,8-panel,9-panel,10-panel and 12-panel drug screening within … Read more

Occupational Health Checkup


What is Occupational Health Check up?  An Occupational Health Assessment depends on many factors that relate to an employee’s job.  This involves a basic health screening required by the employer  It offers employees a broad analysis of their health status  This is used to identify a major illness and reduce work-related injuries at the workplace … Read more

Corporate Health Checkup

Medicals for corporate sector

Why is Corporate Health Checkup Important? A company’s productivity rests on the employees’ performance. Therefore, the organization must take care of its employees’ health and wellness. In a highly competitive world, employees go through a hectic work schedule with monthly targets and deadlines and long working hours. This kind of work culture often turns unhealthy … Read more