Traveling soon? Here’s how you can quickly get a COVID-19 PCR test for travel

Need Covid-19 travel test

As the new covid variant – omicron is spreading many countries have implemented strict travel requirements for travellers whether they are fully vaccinated or non vaccinated. A passenger is required to provide a negative Covid-19 test result. If you need a Covid-19 test for travel, you might be wondering where to get one, what type of test you’ll … Read more

A Valid Negative RT-PCR Report as Important as your Passport!

RT-PCR test for travel

Pre-departure RT-PCR test for International Travel Due to unexpected events some flights are cancelled, rescheduled and delayed in your initial scheduled flights or connecting flights. This can be a challenge during the Covid pandemic so this article will address some situations that a traveler may face with their RT-PCR test for travel. Does a traveller … Read more

Managing Business Travel during COVID-19 pandemic

Business travel during COVID-19

Multiple countries throughout the world have implemented strict lockdown to reduce the impact of COVID-19, during such times businesses have found innovative ways to connect with customers and associates. However, business travel leads to economic growth. As employees start to travel more frequently for business reasons, they have to follow the travel guidance provided by … Read more