Traveling soon? Here’s how you can quickly get a COVID-19 PCR test for travel

Need Covid-19 travel test

Do you need a PCR Test for Travel?

As the new covid variant – omicron is spreading many countries have implemented strict travel requirements for travellers whether they are fully vaccinated or non vaccinated. A passenger is required to provide a negative Covid-19 test result.

If you need a Covid-19 test for travel, you might be wondering where to get one, what type of test you’ll need to take, how long will it take to get an appointment, how long to wait for results, and what it will cost.  

There are different types of Covid-19 tests and you may wonder which one is for what!  

  • Antigen test
  • Rapid test
  • PCR test
  • Lateral Flow test
  • Antibody test
  • Take-home test

Travel Sector

For MICE events or
Group Bookings

Corporate Sector

For Training & Conferences

Business Man

For Business Travel

Read how we pulled off 100% successful Pan India RTPCR tests for a leading Travel company for their International MICE project covering 25 states, 68 cities & towns in India. From Home pickups to Hired Cabs to remote towns to set up Express Clinics for 1800 passengers. We did it all to ensure that all were tested within 36 hours and as per valid travel guidelines of Dubai and reports delivered for them to fly!

What type of COVID-19 test do you need for travel? 

Keeping a track of which Covid-19 test you need for travel may seem confusing. But what you need to know is not all Covid-19 tests are suitable for international travel. It’s the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test that you usually need for travel. These are the most reliable tests to detect active Covid-19 infections and are considered the “gold standard” of testing. The test that often will not help you with travel is the antibody test because this only helps to identify if a previous Covid-19 infection caused your immune system to produce Covid-19 antibodies or not.  

How long will test results take to arrive? 

Most states or countries that require negative Covid-19 tests for entry (or entry without quarantine) use a 72-hour timeframe, from the test taken until the time of your departure or arrival at the destination. Sometimes, the window is even shorter (48 hours). While there are exceptions, one to three days for COVID-19 test results are standard across the country. You should ensure PCR testing that promises same-day results because this can make or break your trip.  


PCR tests are less widely available and take longer, so you must plan and Pre-book your test. If you’re struggling to find somewhere that provides timely PCR tests and reports as per international travel guidelines, you could pre-book your tests here or mail us at su*****@he*********.com and save the time and stress of finding them during travel.