Pre-book your PCR test before your Next Business Trip

Pre-book Covid-19 Test

Why it is Important to Pre-book your PCR Test before your Business Trip?

“Leo had an 8-day business trip to Africa and he planned to cover 3 countries in this trip. He took his first flight to Kenya where he stayed for 4 days for his business appointments and from there Zimbabwe for 2 days and 2 days in South Africa. He was supposed to do RT-PCR for every departure flight. He could not lose half a day to do test and be uncertain on delivery and accuracy of reports. Here’s how he managed his PCR test and fit to fly certificates on time. He booked with Health Atmos who took care of this aspect.”

In these Covid times, your negative PCR result is as crucial as your Passport or Visa. So, you need to know about the PCR testing and entry requirements of the destination country you’re planning to travel to and pre-book your PCR test.  

Most business travelers don’t have the luxury of time with back-to-back meetings, shuttling between different states, cities or even borders. So, finding a local lab or pharmacy or relevant healthcare center can be stressful. To top it all is to wait for reports within your window of the next travel date. So, hassle-free travel needs planning so that you can concentrate on your business trip instead of hunting for where to take your tests!  

In case you have decided on a business trip, here is a checklist that will help you plan your business trip in an organized manner.  

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Read how we pulled off 100% successful Pan India RTPCR tests for a leading Travel company for their International MICE project covering 25 states, 68 cities & towns in India. From Home pickups to Hired Cabs to remote towns to set up Express Clinics for 1800 passengers. We did it all to ensure that all were tested within 36 hours and as per valid travel guidelines of Dubai and reports delivered for them to fly!

Checklist to help you to Plan your Business Trip:

1. Check for Travel Entry Requirements: 

You can use government websites to check for the latest entry requirements to your destination or go through the travel guidelines on Health Atmos. You may need a specific PCR or other kinds of NAAT test to travel internationally.  

2. Check for Validity Window for Covid‑19 Testing: 

The validity window for PCR and antigen tests may be different based on where you’re going. PCR tests take longer than antigen tests, as PCR test certificate takes a minimum of 24 hours to be generated. If you need a test to travel, it is better to have it done in a healthcare setting (ideally at a lab) than using an at-home mail-in kit. 

3. Check for Pre-Departure Test Requirements: 

Many countries require a recent negative test report before entry, while some countries require testing even for vaccinated travellers. Please ensure to take a printout or screenshot of the requirements so that you can confirm that you’ve got it right at your pre-departure test check-in counter. 

4. Check for Covid‑19 Testing Requirements: 

Some countries require that the tests should be conducted by a healthcare provider like a doctor, nurse or pharmacist, while others are fine with the kits that let you swab yourself and mail the sample to the lab for testing. 

Some countries also require that you take another test after your arrival, but in this case, you can ensure if at-home, mail-off test kits can be taken or not because it is cheaper and can save you some money. ⁠Even though you have to quarantine until you get the results, it’s faster to get swabbed in a healthcare setting with its lab.  


PCR tests are less widely available and take longer, so you must plan and Pre-book your test. If you’re struggling to find somewhere that provides tests, you could pre-book your tests here or mail us at su*****@he*********.com and save the time and stress of finding them during travel. 

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