Work-related Stress Disorder

Work-related stress disorder

Workplace Stress: All employees can relate to stress in the workplace, be it employed or an entrepreneur. Work Related Stress Disorder (WRSD) occurs when increased work demands and pressures cannot be accomplished and starts affecting an employee physically, mentally and emotionally.   What are the main work-related stressors?  The following issues have been identified as potential … Read more

12 Ways Employers can reduce Stress in the Workplace 

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How can Employers help to Reduce Stress in the Workplace? Stressed workers are more likely to smoke, drink excessive alcohol, eat poorly, have relationship issues, and get sick more often. This means decreased productivity, but employers can help to reduce stress in the workplace.  1. Employees need to understand the company’s vision When employees understand … Read more

9 Simple Ways to Deal with Workplace Stress 

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How to deal with Workplace Stress? Today’s economy is highly competitive and almost everyone has felt the pressure of workplace stress. Infact, any job will have stressful elements, even if you love your work. Some of the causes of work stress are:  heavy workloads  demanding management  lack of work-life balance   health concerns or other issues   … Read more