Why do Senior Citizens Need a Regular Health Checkup

Health Screening for senior citizens

Senior Citizen Health Checkup:

The old proverb ‘Health is Wealth’ is true for senior citizens and the best way to prevent illness is to have health screening for senior citizens regularly. If your age has exceeded 60 years, then you need a rather comprehensive health check-up compared to standard check-ups. 

These check-ups tell you the smallest chances of developing any disease. In adults, whose age has crossed the sixties, or even forties, their immunity gets minimized, and they face lots of issues as compared to young people. The frequency and nature of tests can vary based on the person’s age, health, and lifestyle.

A good health package for senior citizens should cover the following tests: 

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test
  • Kidney Profile Check-up
  • Abdomen and Check X-ray
  • Thyroid Profile Check-up
  • Fasting Blood Glucose Test
  • ECG Test (for the heart)
  • Urine Profile Text
  • Anaemia Test
  • Family Health Screening

  • Couple Health Screening

  • Children Health Screening

  • Senior Citizen Health Screening

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  • Blood Pressure Check: Checking for elevated blood pressure is crucial at this age as it can lead to various other diseases. Blood pressure problems are silent killers and at times show up late to be treatable. Monitoring your blood pressure at least twice a year is mandatory and if the patient is suffering from BP, then regular monitoring is necessary. 
  • Lipid Profile Check-up (for the measurement of good and bad cholesterol) – Blood lipids test: Cholesterol and triglycerides are directly associated with heart diseases and stroke. 
  • Colorectal cancer: A colon cancer test is carried on to find any abnormal growth or polyps. Colonoscopy is how this is detected, and should be done once in 10 years after you turn 50. If diagnosed early, treating this cancer is easy.

In addition to these, you can also include a stool test, eye test, prostate test, and bone density test.

Benefits of Health Screening for Senior Citizens:

Prevention is better than cure

This proverb applies aptly to elderly people because preventive health care is an important factor in avoiding or slowing the progression of any disease and can give you a better life.  

In the case of women, MRIs and scanning for breast and cervical cancer have to be done regularly. Pelvic exam, pap smear test, and mammogram are must for women who are over 45 years of age, or with a family history of breast and uterine cancer. The general condition of the lungs, thyroid tests and tests that are associated with genetic diseases all are usually covered in the routine tests recommended by the doctors. Any severe condition can be identified in the initial stage and will be treated successfully. This saves lots of pain and money.  

In the case of men, prostate cancer tests should be done regularly. Walking and other movements should also be observed to see if the bones or muscles are functioning properly. Arthritis or joint pain disease could be detected, and proper treatment can be prescribed. Mobility issues can make seniors feel invalid. When the recurring pain is increased, it makes it difficult for the elderly to enjoy life by being active. Being happy and energetic is the key to staying healthy and they can sleep better and be comfortable when they don’t have major health issues. 

When elders are free from pain and are aware of how to keep themselves healthy, it becomes easy for them to stay fit and stay independent. This also helps them to live gracefully and emotionally secure. They can take care of their daily chores. Money isn’t a constraint, for the health check-up packages as mostly they are covered by insurances, and are not very expensive too.  

So do not ignore or leave it for a later date. Book an annual check-up for yourself or for the ones you care about. Health Atmos will help to customize the tests as per your preferences. We have tie-ups with labs and hospitals across 25 states in India. To know more about Health Atmos health check-up packages, queries and suggestions; fill the query form and we will get back to you at the earliest.