Medicals for Hotels and Chain Restaurants

Customized health packages for hotels and chain restaurants

Customized Health Packages for Hotels and Chain Restaurants A food handler is a person involved in food production, food processing, food packaging, and serving food including water and beverages. The term “food handler” can apply to chefs, stewards/waiters, cleaners and food quality supervisors. Therefore, food handlers are required to receive food safety training & proper … Read more

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Why do Children need Regular Health Checkup?

Health Screening for Children

What is the Importance of Health Screening for Children? Children are energetic and perhaps this is why parents fail to see the need for early health check-ups for them. Health screening for children are not merely because your child might have fallen sick, but they are preventive methods to ensure the healthy development of your … Read more

Find if you have antibodies to fight Covid or are you at Risk?

antibodies to fight disease

What can Antibody Test for Covid Tell Us? Antibodies are substances that your body produces in response to viruses and other infections in your blood. They are one of your body’s ways of fighting disease. Covid Antigen test is used to detect whether antibodies were produced in your body to fight against the COVID-19 virus. … Read more

Why women after the age of 40 need regular health check-up?

Health Screening for Women

Why Health Screening for Women after the age of 40 is important ? Staying healthy is not the most difficult thing you’ll ever do, but it does take some effort and one part of that effort is getting regular check-ups. The 40’s are usually considered the mid-point in each one’s lives because at this time, … Read more