Is Diabetes Hereditary?

Diabetes Hereditary

Is Diabetes Inherited? If you have a family history with Diabetes, then you may be curious to know if you can get Diabetes in the coming years. This article will answer some of your questions.  Can diabetes be passed down in the genes?   If a person has a history of diabetes in his family, he … Read more

Understanding Diabetes  

Understanding Diabetes

What Is Diabetes?  Diabetes causes a person to have an excessive level of blood sugar. This upsets the normal process of transferring sugar from the bloodstream into cells that is required for energy. When the body cannot metabolize glucose, a number of vital mechanisms can break down resulting in life-threatening consequences. Understanding Diabetes is important … Read more

Obesity in Children – Knowing the cause can Make a Difference

obesity in children

What is Obesity in Children? Obesity in children means having too much body fat, water and extra muscle. This indicates that a child’s weight is higher than what is considered to be healthy. When obesity is diagnosed in earlier stages, you can reduce your child’s risk of developing serious medical conditions as they grow older.  … Read more

Why do Children need Regular Health Checkup?

Health Screening for Children

What is Health Screening for Children Important? Children are energetic and perhaps this is why parents fail to see the need for early health check-ups for them. Health screening for children are not merely because your child might have fallen sick, but they are preventive methods to ensure the healthy development of your child. Importance … Read more