9 Things To Know About NHS COVID Pass Regulation

NHS COVID Pass indicates that you received a COVID-19 vaccine

NHS COVID Pass Regulation:

The United Kingdom (UK) has launched a COVID Pass as a part of the NHS (National Health Service) application. The NHS application allows users to access various features of the UK’s National Health Service.

The NHS Covid Pass shows the COVID-19 vaccination status and test results of a person. This pass indicates whether a person has either had two vaccinations or received a negative coronavirus test.

What is UK’s vaccine passport?

The UK’s vaccine passports are also described as “Immunity Certificates”, or “COVID status certification”.

The NHS COVID Pass indicates that you have received a COVID-19 vaccine if you were vaccinated in the UK.

Can I use my NHS COVID Pass to skip quarantine in other countries? 

As of 14 July 2021, this Pass is explicitly recognized by over thirty countries, as of now. This number may increase over time as countries improve their ability to recognize each other’s vaccine certification schemes. However, passengers should check the FCDO Travel Advice for specific countries.

How to prove that I’ve been vaccinated?

In England and Wales, vaccination status can be proved by using the NHS Covid Pass in either digital or paper form. To prove vaccination status, travellers will be required to produce one of the following:

  • An EU Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC) for Europe 
  • A CDC card for the USA – and proof of USA residency, such as USA passport, visa or Green Card.

How to access NHS COVID Pass?

The Covid passports introduced internationally are mobile phone apps that show a QR code or other evidence confirming vaccination status.

  • You can get your vaccination status in paper format after 2 weeks of your second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • You can access your NHS COVID Pass for international travel by downloading or printing the soft copy of the Pass from your device.

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If I’ve been vaccinated in a foreign country, can I skip quarantine while entering England from an amber list country?

For certain countries, yes. On 28th July the Government announced that people fully vaccinated in the USA and most European countries would be able to skip quarantine when entering England from an Amber country, just like those vaccinated in the UK NHS programme according to guidance from DHSC and DfT.

Which are the vaccines that have been approved by the UK?

Travellers must be fully vaccinated with a vaccine authorised by:

  • The European Medicines Agency (EMA) for Europe
  • Swissmedicfor Switzerland
  • the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the USA Travellers must have had their final dose of the vaccine at least 14 days before their arrival in England.

I cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons: Will I be able to use the NHS Covid Pass?

Yes. Although the Government has encouraged all eligible people to take up the offer of a vaccination, it also recognizes that some people cannot have one for various medical reasons. The NHS app is used to show negative PCR or lateral flow test results, which is valid for up to 48 hours after the result. The NHS app can also be used to show positive PCR test results, which is valid for up to 180 days after the result. This feature that shows negative or positive test results is only available through the app and not through the paper version. 

I was in a Covid-19 Clinical Trial, will I be able to use the NHS Covid Pass?

Government guidance states that people who had taken part or are taking part, in Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials in England should have received a letter from their clinical trial site. The letter ensures that anyone vaccinated as part of a Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial can prove that they were in a clinical trial, therefore they should be recognised as fully vaccinated. They should also be able to use the NHS App or nhs.uk to obtain an NHS Covid Pass. 

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